Sea of Japan

In the Sea of ​​Japan, you can see fish from the Tsushima Warm Current and fish from the Liman Cold Current.

This zone introduces the marine life of the Sea of ​​Japan, such as the sardine (migratory fish), flying fish (prefectural fish) from the deep sea of ​​Shimane, and the fantastic “jellyfish”.

Iwami Man'yo Seashore

Complete with scents of the seashore and thousands of the waves, our first tank is the bright, open ceiling “Iwami Man’yo Seashore.”

Introduce familiar creatures living on the beach in Shimane.

Mythical Sea(Shark tank) & Undersea Tunnel

The main character in the 1000-ton panoramic tank is the shark(called “wani” from the locals), who also appears in the myths of Shimane. Passing through the undersea tunnel, you can see several kinds of calmly swimming fishes such as Sandbar shark, Hammerhead shark, and Rays.

The undersea tunnel is a fantastic image that transcends time and space unfolds!

Sea of Creation

Introducing how marine life evolved through a both images and video footage.

*Exhibition of Daiouika (Giant Squid) specimen


Iwami Friendship Seashore

Observe marine life often seen in a fishing harbour or nearby seashores, such as urchins, starfish, hermit crabs, and more.

NOTE :Be gentle when touching.

Beluga Whale Performance Pool

These beluga whales from the Arctic Ocean, are also known as the “Canary of the Sea”. AQUAS is the only place to see beluga whales in western Japan!

Beluga Whale Breeding Pool Annex

This facility is for the conservation and breeding of the beluga whales, and so there are no performances conducted.

Penguin House【2F&3F】

You can see how four species of cute penguins walk and behave.

Also, watch out for penguins swimming overhead!

Sea Lion & Seal Pool

Mainly shows off the many events that California Sea Lions have trained for daily. You will see the amazing talents of the sea lions (inverted, ball-on, quoits, target jumps, etc.)! We will also tell you how to distinguish between sea lions and seals.

Museum Shop & Cafe

Museum shop provides souvenirs designed from AQUAS. Be sure to pick up something for a memory of your visit.

Kid’s Room

You can play on a slide or take a photo of the dome-shaped playground equipment. There is also a nursing room next door.


Amazon & Africa

Exhibits creatures, that live in the Amazon River in South America.

Coral Reef

Exhibits fishes that live in the colourful coral reef.

You get the feeling of diving in the southern sea.

Mini Aquarium

Creatures adapt to the environment in various ways.

Let’s have a look at mysterious ecology and unusual shapes.

Oceans of the world

Introducing the world’s marine life and habitat from various angles.


Cafe Corner

Cafe Corner

Restaurant IRUKA

Restaurant IRUKA

Hamada Ramen

Hamada Ramen

Restaurant DONDON

Restaurant DONDON

Drink House

Drink House

Marine House

Museum Shop