Annual Schedule 2021

Beluga Whale Performance

Location : 2F Beluga whale performance pool

We will introduce the ecology of beluga whales. During this performance, you can see the “Bubble Ring of Happiness” and the “Happy ‘En’ Miracle Ring.”
Performance times change throughout the year.

Sea Lion & Seal Performance

Location : Sea lion and Seal Pool

In the semi-outdoor pool opposite the beluga whale pool, you can watch an amazing and hilarious performance by our California sea lions.

Feeding Time for Penguins

Location : 3F Penguin House

One of our crew will feed and explain about penguins.
*operates only in Japanese
Please note that we may change / cancel the schedule without notice for reasons such as weather.

Interactions with Marine Life

Location : 2F Nakayoshi Square

The Spotted seal will show up at “Nakayoshi Square” without a fence or a glass wall. You can see them closer! Our crew will introduce them, and you can learn about the secret of their body and how to train or feed them.

Penguin March(Operates only in the winter season)

Location : Beluga whale breeding pool annex

Let’s see how these cute King Penguins walk at the Beluga whale breeding pool annex.
Please note that we may change/cancel the schedule without notice for reasons such as weather.

Annual Schedule 2021

Feeding Time in Iwami Man’yo Seashore

Location : Iwami Man’yo Seashore

Iwami Manyo no iso, contains Sealife that lives in the sea closest to us such as Pagrus major, Striped beakfish, Porcupinefish, Asian sheepshead wrasse.
How do they get fed?
Let’s deepen your knowledge of our sea and touch upon the discovery!

Feeding Time in Mythical Sea

Location : Mythical Sea

The main character in the 1000-ton panoramic tank is the shark(called “wani” from the locals), who also appears in the myths of Shimane. Passing through this tank is the undersea tunnel, which provides an impressive underwater viewpoint of the calmly swimming sharks and rays.

Feeding Time in Coral Reef

Location : Coral Reef

Here is where friends of the coral reef live. Even fish that live in the same aquarium have different foods to eat. Let’s take a look.